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Orange County Traditional Facelift or Full FaceliftThe premier facial plastic surgeon in California is pleased to introduce his latest breakthrough in facial rejuvenation: The Natural Face Lift. This procedure is truly the new generation of high definition facial rejuvenation without the costs and prolonged recovery associated with a traditional facelift. The Natural Face Lift was designed by board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati to improve the laxity of jowls, cheeks, and loose neck (turkey neck).

Aging alters the body in many ways, but nowhere are these harsh realities as visible as on the face. Coupled with the sun’s damaging rays, the aging process coarsens the texture of the skin, diminishes its youthful layer of fatty tissue, and causes the angularity of the face to be lost. As the skin makes its downward descent off the cheeks, jaw, and neck, it pouches into unsightly bags and overhanging jowls. These outward signs of aging often generate comments about tiredness and questions of sadness that really belie your inner vitality. These changes tend to make people look older than they feel- what they see in the mirror is not consistent with how they perceive themselves or how they feel on the inside. Many baby boomers that are still working as well as those who are retired feel young at heart and full of life, but face these dilemmas of aging on an almost daily basis.

Traditional Facelift in Orange County

Dr. Sadati’s Natural Face Lift procedure can help counter this generalized facial sagging and gives the face a more rested and youthful appearance. Natural Face Lift does not change who you are, it simply makes you look the way you did years ago, matching your outer appearance with how you feel on the inside! It turns back the clock on facial aging from between 5-15 years.

Dr. Sadati, one of California’s top facial plastic surgeons has been invited to many major plastic surgery conventions to educate other plastic surgeons and to hold workshops about his revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique. He has performed well over 2500 face and neck lifts using his revolutionary technique. He is often asked to lecture on his renowned “Double C” lift technique (facial muscle tightening technique) to other facial plastic surgeons. This revolutionary technique gives his patients a younger and more refreshed look without that ‘pulled’ or ‘artificial look’ and without the need for general anesthesia. His patients describe the positive responses they get from friends and co-workers who tell them constantly, that they “look so great!” They cannot figure out if their friend has lost weight, gotten a new haircut or taken a relaxing vacation, all they know is that they see a refreshed, natural looking, younger friend!

This revolutionary procedure is minimally invasive, allowing you to achieve a beautiful, yet non-surgical, look quickly. The Natural Face Lift gently washes the years away from your face in about two hours. Best of all, only local anesthesia and twilight sedation is used, so you can get back to your life, with minimal discomfort and recovery time, yet achieve long lasting results. This procedure is best for people who wish to restore a more refreshed and youthful appearance with natural looking results, but without the telltale signs of cosmetic surgery, such as an overly pulled look.

General Recovery Information: Post-operative recovery with the Natural Face Lift is minimal and any discomfort is controlled with oral medication. Any swelling and/or tenderness around the incision areas usually subside during the first week after the procedure. Swelling can be minimized by keeping the head in a slightly elevated position when sleeping. Patients are advised to avoid the sun as much as possible and to wear sunscreen when going outdoors. Results can be seen immediately following surgery, however, most patients feel they are ready to face the world within 8 days. The amount of recovery time varies depending on the individual, but most patients report they are back to work and light daily routines within one week’s time.

Natural Facelift - FAQ

What is a Natural Mini Facelift?

Natural Mini Lift is a revolutionary, safe, minor face lift that provides long lasting results superior to other techniques. This procedure was designed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati to improve the laxity of jowls, cheeks, and loose neck (turkey neck).

Your cheeks, jowls and neck are lifted naturally by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscle, and re-draping the skin. The appropriate amount of skin is removed and artfully re-draped for the most natural result. The procedure takes about two hours to perform, without the need for general anesthesia, and normal social activities are resumed in one week. Minimal, short-scarring that ultimately fades, will never “give you away.”

What are the benefits of a Natural (face) lift procedure?

Natural Lift patients enjoy a quicker and more comfortable recovery than those who’ve had a traditional face lift. This procedure is best for people who do not wish to have a traditional pulled and unnatural face lift look. Most importantly it is done under local anesthesia and twilight sedation, without the need of general anesthesia which is associated with higher risk and cost.

Are there significant risks associated with facelift surgery?

There is uncertainty and risk involved with any surgery. Although significant complications from facelifts are rare, risks may include infection, and bleeding. Smokers stand an increased risk for poor healing. Traditional face lift increases the risk of nerve damage and also introduces risks associated with general anesthesia. However, the Natural Lift performed by Dr. Sadati avoids facial nerve injury and general anesthesia related risks since it is a minimally invasive facelift and is performed under local anesthesia.

Can I expect permanent results from a facelift?

The results will vary from person-to-person. There is no set time to indicate how long a face lift will last. The procedure will set the clock back about 10 years and aging continues naturally. Dr. Sadati usually tells his patients that in 10 years the appearance of your face and neck will be better than your current look after a Natural face lift.

Is a facelift performed under general anesthesia?

Not necessarily. Natural facelift is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. Many surgeons choose to use general anesthesia for a traditional facelift.

What is the recovery like?

There is usually some tightness around the ears and jaw-line the first night after the surgery. This is due to the compression dressing that is worn after the procedure. This discomfort can be controlled with prescription oral medication, although it is often mild enough to treat with just Tylenol. A bandage dressing is worn for 1 day and a light elastic wrap for 7 days at night. Discoloration and swelling around the face and neck, when present, will usually improve over 7 days at which point most people can return to work and social activities. Doctors advise against returning to any strenuous activities for at least three to four weeks. Sun exposure to incision lines should also be avoided.

How do I find a qualified surgeon in my area?

Having a good facelift outcome requires a skilled and experienced surgeon who is a facial plastic specialist. You also must feel comfortable with the surgeon, taking into account the surgeon’s experience and qualifications. Always choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon with experience in facial rejuvenation. Also be sure to check your surgeon’s facelift before and after pictures to get a feel for the results the doctor has previously produced for other patients.

Can men have a facelift?

Facelifts are no longer an exclusive procedure for women. Many men are now considering the benefits of a facelift as well as other facial cosmetic procedures to have a refreshed look. The appearance of fresh and sharp angular contours leads to a well-rested and relaxed appearance. This also translates to a more youthful appearance.

The concept of facelift and neck lift in men is basically the same as in women, but the approach is tailored to highlight and sharpen the angular structures of the jaw, neck, and chin, with less emphasis on crows’ feet lines and cheekbones. Since the incision lines are different for men, Dr. Sadati places the sutures under the skin so they are not visible and will not create suture tracks.

What is Lunch Time face lift?

Lunch time lift is a deceiving name and it is not a true face lift. It is another name for a “thread lift”. It is a cosmetic facial procedure that uses thread to pull up the loose tissue without removing any excess skin. As you can imagine it may cause tissue bunching and irregularity. It is losing its popularity very quickly among facial plastic surgeons. The results of a lunch time face lift are not long lasting and in the long term are not satisfactory to patients.

What is Weekend Face lift?

The weekend facelift is another term for mini face lift. This lift has a short downtime with minimal results. It allows more people to look refreshed without major downtime. A weekend facelift is designed for saggy jowls but not neck tissue. It is designed for much younger patients in their last 30 and 40’s with minimal jowls.

What is the best age to have a facelift?

One of the biggest questions my patients ask me is about timing of this procedure. Some worry that if they have the procedure too soon they may want to repeat it again later in life, while others worry that if they wait too long they may be beyond help. Most of my patients coming in for face and neck lift procedures are in their late 40s to late 70s. They have started to show sagging of the face and neck and are trying to be proactive about maintaining their youthful appearance. Typically, face and neck lift procedures can set back the clock by about 8-10 years. Although aging will continue, you will always look better for your age than if you had not had the surgery. Face and neck lift procedures can be safely repeated in 8-10 year intervals.

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