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Orange County Neck LiftThe aging process effects each person in different ways. While some people find that the skin around their eyes and mouth begins to sag, others seem, only, to  develop a double chin in the neck area. Either way, gravity takes its toll on a person’s face.

However, those who suffer from a double chin often feel there is no cosmetic surgery option for them. A traditional facelift does not always address this area, and they may feel there is no alternative. However, Dr. Kevin Sadati offers his Orange County patients the option of a neck lift. This facial plastic surgery is designed, specifically, to target the neck area by removing excess skin and tightening up the area, so there is no double chin present.

This is a popular procedure for those who frequent Dr. Sadati’s Newport Beach practice. They know he is an expert in facial plastic surgery who caters his surgical style to meet his patients’ individual needs. While the procedure is commonly referred to as a neck lift, Dr. Sadati finds it essential that patients understand that this is actually two procedures combined into one. The first procedure is called a cervicoplasty, and this procedure aims to remove any excess skin. The second procedure is known as platysmaplasty. This procedure actually alters the neck muscles and ensures long-lasting results that the patient is often more pleased with in the end.

Many patients who have a neck lift performed also opt to have a traditional facelift done at the same time. By having a traditional facelift done at the same time as a neck lift, the patient ensures that there is will be no bunching of the skin around the ears.

Most patients who choose this procedure are between 40 and 70 years old. However, some patients are genetically predisposed to the double chin condition and may opt to have a neck lift done as early as age 30. Candidates for this procedure must be in not only good physical health, but also optimum mental health, as well. The neck lift procedure itself takes about two hours to complete, but when it is done in combination with other procedures the surgery time has a tendency to increase. Specific lengths of time tend to vary by the patient because many patients have several different cosmetic improvements done at the same time.

Those who wish to know more information about this procedure and other cosmetic surgery options available to them should set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati. At this consultation, the patient and doctor will decide what procedures will work best for that individual. Before you know it, you will be on your way to looking your best, youthful self once again.

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Call for a Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation - (866) 349-7477

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