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Dr. Kevin Sadati - Board Certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Orange County Liquid FaceliftA liquid facelift is the perfect compromise between an intensive facial plastic surgery procedure and results that allow a patient to look younger and feel better about themselves. Not every patient who wants to look younger wants to have a complete surgical procedure done.

For these patients, the liquid facelift is likely the best option for them. During this procedure, Dr. Kevin Sadati injects dermal-fillers into a person’s face in order to rejuvenate the cheeks, chin and neck region. It is a popular procedure at his Newport Beach practice, largely because it provides instant results in a short period of time.

Orange County patients have trusted Dr. Sadati, as an expert in the facial plastic surgery field, to perform this procedure for the last decade. He recommends it to his patients who are apprehensive about undergoing a traditional facelift, but still want to improve their facial features, look younger and feel better. Liquid dermal-fillers have the capability of rejuvenating a person’s face, and fill out the facial features so that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are minimized.

Patients who are considering this procedure need to know that while it does fix the issue for the time being, the liquid facelift does not provide the same permanent results that a traditional surgical facelift would provide. As it is not a surgical procedure, the actual physiological features of a person’s face are not improved and altered. This is considered a temporary fix, designed to help people feel better in the here and now.

However, some patients are fine with the fact that the aging process will continue after this type of facelift is complete. Patients who opt for the liquid facelift are able to return to Dr. Sadati’s office several months later in order to have the liquid fillers readministered. Every time a person has a liquid facelift performed, their face instantly looks younger, more vibrant and more refreshed than it did before the procedure. It is a quick procedure that provides instant results, so it is a popular choice among many different types of people.

Dr. Sadati recommends that patients who are trying to decide between this procedure and the traditional facelift set up a free consultation appointment with him as soon as possible. At this appointment, the patient can describe the type of results that he or she wants and Dr. Sadati can recommend which procedure he feels is best. Patients at his Newport Beach practice are all treated as individuals, and each patient receives a custom plan of action designed to fulfill their needs, wants and desires. To find out more information, patients should contact the office.

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Call for a Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation - (866) 349-7477

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