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Orange County Fat GraftingAs the years go on, the aging process begins to take its toll on a person’s body as well as on their appearance. Many people are disappointed when they realize that the first signs of aging are appearing on their face. This can be devastating to a person’s self confidence, and despite feeling young on the inside they might truly begin to feel old.

There are many different cosmetic surgery options for patients who want to appear younger and reduce the impact of aging on their face, but not every patient wants to undergo these traditional procedures. That’s why Dr. Kevin Sadati, a facelift expert based out of Newport Beach, provides his patients with the option of fat grafting.

Fat grafting is a natural alternative to the traditional surgical facelift procedure. Orange County patients who are trying to avoid having an intensive surgery tend to find this to be a great way to look younger and feel better. Dr. Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon, pioneered this unique procedure, which is why patients want to go to his practice to have it performed.

Essentially, fat grafting is the process by which excess fat is removed from another part of the patient’s body and then placed in areas on the face that were once full and lush. For instance, many people have fat grafting performed in the cheek region — by filling out the cheeks again, the skin becomes smooth and the face appears to be vibrant and full of life once more.

To ensure the success of the graft, Dr. Sadati uses another technique that he pioneered. He creates Platelet Rich Plasma from the patient’s own bloodstream, and applies it into the fatty tissue that will be used in the graft. By doing this, Dr. Sadati makes sure that the graft takes to the new part of the body and provides long-lasting results. Patients generally like the idea that all of the materials being used in the procedure are natural and from their own body, reducing the risk for rejection and infection significantly. PRP also ensures that the recovery time is shorter and the results last longer than if it were not used during the procedure.

Patients who are looking to rejuvenate their face and look younger, but do not want to undergo a major cosmetic surgery, should find out if they are a good candidate for fat grafting. The first step is to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati. At the appointment, the surgeon will determine if the patient is a good candidate for this procedure and will help explain the process. This helps the patient better understand what fat grafting is about and also helps the patient have realistic expectations for the results.

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