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Good Candidate for Facelift in Orange County

Orange County Facelift CandidacyA facelift procedure is a common choice of Orange County patients, as it is an easy way to bring back the youth and vitality they once had in their face. However, Dr. Kevin Sadati feels it is especially important that all patients are determined to be good candidates for this procedure before surgery is performed. He is an expert in this field and finds that he gets the best results at his Newport Beach practice when candidacy is  confirmed for each patient.

Patients who are determined to be good candidates for this procedure often have wrinkles along their face and at the creases of their eyes. Also, they typically have sagging skin around the cheeks, neck and jowls. It is also important that patients who are considering this procedure have a well-defined facial bone structure. This helps the doctor use natural guidelines when he is completing this surgery. While a facelift can bring back a person’s youthfulness, it cannot change their life completely. It is important that patients are prepared for the fact that they will look better but that this surgery will not solve all of the other problems and issues in their lives.

Good candidates for this procedure should take the time  to find an expert surgeon to perform it. They will want to be sure they are working with a board certified facial plastic surgeon who has plenty of professional experience. A solid surgeon will want to show off former results, so patients should view before and after photographs of previous patients.

Patients should find a surgeon that truly cares about them as a person and an individual, and doesn’t just see the patient as another check in their pocket. To validate a decision that is made, patients should always ask for referrals. This will give the patient a true idea of what the surgeon they are planning to work with is about and what that surgeon’s priorities are when working with new patients.

It is important that patients realize that some inexperienced and money-hungry plastic surgeons will recommend many different cosmetic improvement procedures that the patient might not be interested in at all. Patients who want to have a facelift done do not necessarily want a rhinoplasty and brow lift completed at the same time. A qualified surgeon who truly cares about patients will not force additional procedures on the patient. Dr. Sadati wants all of his patients to feel comfortable, and he works hard to recommend medical procedures without forcing new ideas on a patient who is not interested. He can provide patients the results they want without making them feel guilty about not wanting several other cosmetic surgeries at the same time.

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