Pre-Operative Diet and Nutrition

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Pre-Operative Diet and Nutrition

Dr. Kevin Sadati takes a hands-on approach with all of his patients, and works to prepare every person prior to their rhinoplasty operation in order to ensure the best recovery. This usually means that a patient should change their diet and exercise routine so that they are living a healthy lifestyle each day. Orange County patients who eat healthy meals typically find  the recovery process is relatively short and sweet. These tips will help anyone from Newport Beach who is preparing for a rhinoplasty operation.

Pre-Operative Diet and Nutrition Tips for Rhinoplasty Patients

Quit smoking and don’t drink alcohol. Patients who smoke need to know that they should kick the habit before their surgery and stop smoking for good. Smoking after a cosmetic surgery operation can significantly damage the results that were achieved by the surgeon. Alcohol should be avoided prior to the operation in order to keep the body healthy enough for surgery.

Avoid medications that are known for thinning out your blood, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Taking these medications before the surgery can result in significant blood loss during the operation. Patients should avoid taking these types of medications for at least two weeks leading up to their operation.

Supplement your diet with essential vitamins and nutrients, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and iron. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are known for their healing properties, and these supplements will help prepare the body better for the recovery process. Iron is a good supplement as it provides the patient with the strength and endurance they need to feel good during their recovery.

Fill your prescriptions ahead of time so that they are on-hand when you come home from your operation. This will prevent you or your caretaker from having to stop by the pharmacy immediately after the operation. Having prescriptions  ready and waiting, means you can simply go straight home to rest, relax, and recover.

Stock your pantry with essential soft food items that will be easy for you to eat after the surgery. After a nose job, many patients find that it is difficult to eat for a few days because the entire face has been through a traumatic experience. Dr. Sadati often recommends that patients enjoy soft, nutritious foods like soup, bananas, apple sauce and yogurt. Gelatin snacks make good treats, and many patients often enjoy a scoop of ice cream for dessert as they are recovering from their rhinoplasty operation.

Dr. Sadati finds that patients who are prepared both mentally and physically for their surgical procedure will fare better in the long run. The cosmetic surgery experience can be difficult at times, but it’s important that patients keep their mind focused on the desired result. With Dr. Sadati’s individualized approach and expert surgical skill, every patient benefits. After their rhinoplasty procedure is complete and they get through the recovery, patients can simply relax and enjoy their new and improved nose.