What You Need to Know About the Male Facelift Procedure

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What You Need to Know About the Male Facelift Procedure

Youth and beauty are not exclusively female concerns. Everyone — men included — wants to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside. Many men throughout Orange County feel that they need to reduce the impact of aging on their face to remain successful in their professional lives and feel fulfilled in their personal lives. The result is why the male facelift procedure is increasing in popularity.

The male facelift is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that can provide men with astounding results,” noted Dr. Kevin Sadati. “The goal of this procedure is to minimize the symptoms of aging, while also revitalizing the patient’s appearance.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is known for his personalized approach, where he considers each patient’s unique facial features prior to creating a surgical plan. In general, the male facelift consists of removing excess skin from the face and tightening the facial muscles in order to provide the patient with long-term results. After the operation is complete, the patient has fewer wrinkles and appears rested, energized and rejuvenated.

For most patients, the facelift procedure is an outpatient procedure. Newport Beach patients who opt to have the male facelift performed will spend about 7-10 days recovering at home, where they need to rest and recuperate in order to ensure the best results possible. Most people are able to return to work approximately two weeks after the operation.

In some cases, men opt to have addition plastic surgery procedures performed at the same time as the facelift. These procedures are optional, but they can enhance the patient’s final appearance and allow for more comprehensive results. Additional procedures that can be performed simultaneously include the forehead lift and the eyelid lift.

Any man who wants to feel good about themselves and their appearance at this particular stage in life should consider a male facelift procedure, explained Dr. Kevin Sadati. Our goal is to enhance masculinity and minimize the most frustrating symptoms of aging.

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