Dr. Kevin Sadati Helps Patients Choose the Right Face Lift Procedure

Dr. Kevin Sadati - Board Certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery | Orange County



Dr. Kevin Sadati Helps Patients Choose the Right Face Lift Procedure

Hundreds of people across Orange County want to rejuvenate their face to look younger again, but several different factors can determine a person’s candidacy for cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati, a facial plastic surgeon, based out of Newport Beach, works with interested patients to help them decide on the right procedure for their individual needs. His goal is to provide each person with the natural-looking results that they both need and want.

When I perform a facelift or a mini facelift, I want my patients to look as young as they did a decade ago,” explained Dr. Kevin Sadati. “I do not try to change them into a different person, or alter their appearance significantly. I simply strive for natural-looking facial rejuvenation.

The full facelift is a major surgical procedure that eliminates excess fat and skin from the face. Facial muscles will be tightened to preserve the results. While this is a significant operation, most patients are relieved to know that it can be performed with local anesthesia.

Given the fact that more significant work is performed during this surgery, the full facelift is typically reserved for patients who are experiencing the most advanced signs and symptoms of aging.

Conversely, the mini facelift is an ideal option for younger patients who are beginning to show those first pesky signs of aging, and it also can help patients achieve a slimmer, trimmer look.

The surgeon focuses on the lower half of the face during the mini facelift, specifically the cheek and neck region. Excess skin and fat are removed from this area, minimizing wrinkles and allowing the natural structure of the face to set the tone for the patient’s rejuvenated appearance.

Regardless of the procedure that the individual patient chooses, my goal is personalized results,” noted Dr. Kevin Sadati. “Everyone deserves to look like the best version of themselves after cosmetic surgery.

Those who are interested in learning more about the facelift and the mini facelift procedures are invited to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Kevin Sadati.