2015 Celebrity Beauty Trends

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2015 Celebrity Beauty Trends

People throughout Orange County and across the country look to celebrities for style inspiration. Celebrity trends quickly take hold, and Newport Beach residents attempt to utilize these trends in their own way. This year, there are plenty of new looks and styles that people will love.

The important thing to remember is that you choose the styles that are right for you and that allow you to showcase your personality. You can apply your own unique personal twist to these trends that are sweeping the country.

What are the Top Celebrity Beauty Trends of 2015?

Cat Eyes — Rejuvenate your eyes by creating smoky, distinguished eyes with your eyeliner. You will want to apply thick, dark eyeliner around your eyes in order to achieve this look. It will make you look younger and mysterious, which is the perfect way to start the new year.

Bushy yet Defined Eyebrows — Instead of having your eyebrows waxed and plucked, you can enjoy minimal grooming this year. In 2015, bushy yet defined eyebrows are all the rage. You can add further definition to your eyebrows by applying brow liner. If you feel like you want to improve the look of your eyebrows this year, you might consider a brow lift with an expert facial plastic surgeon.

Easy Ponytails — There’s no style that is quite as convenient as the ponytail, and this year it is making its comeback. Quickly sweep a ponytail to the back of your head, and enjoy the natural facelift that comes along with it. Whether you are heading to the office or going out with girlfriends to shop this weekend, the ponytail is the perfect look for 2015.

Dark and Mysterious Lashes — Tone down the rest of your facial makeup and focus on your eyes this year. Apply mascara to your eyelashes in order to make them thick, dark and mysterious.

Crimping — You may have tossed out your crimper about 20 years ago, but if you still have one on hand this is the year to begin using it again. Adding a few crimps to your hair will freshen up any style.

In addition to these style trends, you might want to consider a plastic surgery procedure in order to rejuvenate your appearance this year. Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert facial plastic surgeon who specializes in procedures such as the natural facelift and the rhinoplasty. These procedures are designed to provide you with stunning and natural-looking results, allowing you to put your best features on display. You will not only enjoy a fresh new look, but you also will benefit from a boost of confidence that you never knew you had in you. For more information on the various plastic surgery procedures that are available, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Kevin Sadati today.