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Skin Tension During Facelift Surgery

When the face-lift procedure first became popular among celebrities and politicians several decades ago, many people did not like the effects of the surgery. While it did minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, it often left the patients looking like their skin had been pulled too tight around their faces.


Facelift Recovery and Expectations

Many people in Orange County opt to have the facelift procedure performed because they want to look younger and feel more confident. This procedure has long been a popular choice among Newport Beach patients, who want to appear the age that they feel.


Time for a Revision Facelift Procedure?

Throughout Orange County, there are hundreds of people who want to turn back the clock and enjoy the appearance of their youth again. While there are plenty of cosmetic improvement procedures available that allow people to rejuvenate and refresh their appearance, not all of them provide the long-term results that people are hoping for. The

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Dimpling After Facelift Surgery?

Across Orange County, the facelift procedure is one of the most common and desired facial plastic surgery procedures. This is the one-cosmetic surgery that can bring back a person’s youth and provide them with natural-looking, long-term results. However, as it is a surgical operation, there are risks, complications and side effects associated with this surgery.


Reason for having a Facelift at a Younger Age?

Generally, the facelift procedure is an option for middle aged people or senior citizens who are hoping to reverse the effects of aging on their face. The goal of this cosmetic surgery is to eliminate saggy skin and wrinkles from the face, and it is one of the most popular procedures in Orange County.