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Avoiding Botched Facelift

You know you have seen it before — that celebrity who looked so naturally beautiful during their youth who ultimately turned to cosmetic surgery and ended up looking all wrong. If you are considering cosmetic surgery improvements, specifically a facelift procedure, don’t be one of those people. You will want to make sure you leave

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Men’s New Trend in Cosmetic Surgery

Just like any other industry, there are trends when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures. While facial features that were hot 20 years ago are no longer in style, there are new trends forming in the realm of male cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon who works out of Newport

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Face It… It’s 2013 – 5 Reasons for Having a Facelift Done

There’s nothing better than the beginning of January, when everyone has an opportunity to start out the year as a brand new person. Make 2013 about you. Take the time to reinvest in yourself, to provide yourself with the look you have always dreamed of and the self confidence that you deserve. Now is the

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3 Procedures to Look Your Best

With modern advances in science and medicine plastic surgery procedures can literally turn the clock back on your appearance five, ten, or even fifteen years. Good candidates for work on your face are healthy men and women from their mid-30s to early 70s with specific goals about the results and their expectations for recovery. Plenty

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